Manifesting Joy

I just got back from a phenomenal cruise around the Polynesian islands with a group of Soul Friends and fellow Divine Co-creators who follow Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe, Divine Co-creator, Infinite Possibilities Writer and Teacher AND his brother Andy Dooley, Writer, Divine Co-creator, Coach, Speaker .. It was very surreal. Our every need

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The Final Days

The final days. As I lie here in my airbnb in northern Scottsdale an image and an experience comes to me with my Mom. First we are talking about air and breathing, I have just gotten back from northern Sedona where the air is crisp and clean. My Mom was with me three years ago

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Meeting a Sex Therapist

Yesterday I packed up the things I had in the studio I have been renting in Houston. I had been having this sense of overwhelm as the looming deadline to pack creeped up on me. I made a decision in the last month to attend a seminar in Las Vegas that was part of information

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Stones Crystals Gems

I had been in Cape Town South Africa for about two months and one day while visiting a large two building shopping mall in an affluent area I walked past a woman with a table set up in a sort of breezeway between the two sides of the mall. She had a table full of

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Joy Meditations

Why seek Joy ? Why not seek Joy ? Do we all feel and experience Joy the same way ? Do all things that bring me Joy bring you Joy ? Can we find the common threads that allow us to step into Joy ? How to begin .. It is important that you learn

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