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2014 & 2017 Akashic Records/Song of the New Earth

Have you heard of Tom Kenyon ? A South African soul friend connected me with him a number of years ago. He has an incredible movie called Song of the New Earth. He creates/channels beautiful music. These are my notes from 2014 while first connecting with him and watching Song of the New Earth:

The book he reads and then cannot find..reminds me of leviathan which I read/devoured and have not been able to find; (the “fictional” book on whales with a beautiful love story)

​sat chit ananda..he wanted to search meaning of this pure bliss filled state..i think i would just enjoy it which is what i do now when i am there ​

changing neurophysiology with practicing different meditation practitices

psychic fire

dark night of the soul (recurring theme I keep hearing as we clear things for ourselves)

sound bypasses cognitive mind and we/they can go to a place to understand mysteries within ourselves:themselves

whole brain learning

Dr Lozanov – Suggestopedia/ Reservopedia

Brahms Lullaby increase of alpha activity

acoustic brain research – he founded

crystal bowl if you could pick one chakra to expand, what would you pick ? for me root


become the hollow reed

earth dreamer

The Wisdom of the Egg: genetics shows now that the egg discriminates based what she sees as the best sperm. Our arrival is an expression of feminine intelligence.

We all have feminine and masculine energies – the feminine must be raised equally with the masculine
Mother Mary’s share; no matter how difficult we must share our truth and live in authenticity with each other in relationship. what is not the truth will be burned away ..then both male and female energies are raised.

magdalene said to him you can engage in relationship as a path. so, we can share our path with equals/peers recognizing each other. we do not have to make our alchemy journey alone or in solitude. on a deeper level her message was that we must raise the feminine out of the ashes to equanimity.

we are not responsible for healing people or resolving the sufferings of others ( we could never do this anyway, right ) we witness to others to allow them to create what they need to create happiness for themselves

unifying human and spiritual pieces is a huge ripple this movie spreads – seeing Angels is not crazy
Tom sent out a new message from the Hathors focused on Restoration as the earth and us transition through so many energies now:

As I move deeper into my new yearly cycle I feel a call to bring more of the akashic accessing forward so we all can understand our journey as a soul here in this lifetime. We are being called to remember the reasons why we came here. I will be bringing things forward to help you know your souls journey and the guidance available to you on a much deeper level through your akashic records then your intuition.

I believe we all have a right to step into this understanding and live our best lives ever.

May God, the Angels and All the Beautiful supportive Energies of the Universe be with you as we continue to move forward in 2017. May you come to know all of the reasons you are here and may you shine your inner light brilliantly.

With Love,


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