Rita Lorraine Carey

Those who I admire and have helped me on my journey.

Greg Baer, MD, Author, motivational speaker and coach at

Joshua Bloom, Quantum Healing Center

Dr Jim Cox, Teleios Technique | author, teacher, spiritual leader

Mike Dooley, International Inspirational Speaker, Traveler, Happiness Magnet and Writer known around the world as the originator of Notes From the Universe

Donna Eden and Dr David Feinstein, Energy Medicine / Energies of Love

Tania Gabrielle, Wealth Astro-Numerology

Dr Rick Hanson, Buddha’s Brain the Neuroscience to Happiness author 

Abraham Hicks, Law of Attraction

Dr Linda Howe,

Lisa Wilson, Founder of the Raw Food Institute

David Wolfe, raw foodist, promoter of alternative medicines, writer, international health inspirer

Simone Wright,



EVERYONE needs to feel unconditionally loved as much as they need air and water. If you would like to learn about how unconditional love can revolutionize your life, go to

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