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LGBT Wellness Summit

Sponsoring the LGBT Online Wellness Summit

As I returned from my sailing adventure around the Polynesian islands feeling very loved and happy I was told I had a daunting time line I had not considered. I had agreed in the previous month to be a sponsor for the first ever LGBT Wellness Summit which will be…

8 Reasons Why Spirituality is Fun!

8 Reasons Why Spirituality Is FUN

#1 At the center should be the need and desire to play. Historically leaders in spirituality have taken the stance or the demeanor that you get very quiet and step into a sort of self critical space with some sort of love perspective. We are not saying you should not…

Let’s Talk About the Akashic Records and Manifesting

I am just back from a transformative five days with Dr Linda Howe and my amazing classmates. We were focused on her latest work which is manifesting your souls purposes through your akashic records. Your akashic records is a field that holds a vibrational history of your soul in all…


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