Meeting a Sex Therapist

Yesterday I packed up the things I had in the studio I have been renting in Houston. I had been having this sense of overwhelm as the looming deadline to pack creeped up on me. I made a decision in the last month to attend a seminar in Las Vegas that was part of information I have been learning about how to sell online and more specifically on Amazon. I had set myself up for a tight window.

I decided a day before leaving for Vegas, as I carefully stepped my way around the studio in what looked like a scene from a robbery where the burglars were looking for a tiny microchip and had to upend everything, that I would hold the feeling as if the flow on Tuesday for my move would be perfect. I would come back from Vegas refreshed and ready to easily have everything come together.  I would see things I could donate and perfectly find only the things I really wanted to take with me on my final move to Sarasota, Florida for a few months. The movers would come and help me as I held no stress but only peace around the move.

Guess what ? That was how it flowed. Ahhhh soooo yummy to have beautiful energy I put out seek me.  

Oh, yes. The sex therapist !!

I finished with the movers who I really needed because I have a 200 lb crystal. I pulled together the small stuff, cleaned etc.. Dixie my friend and landlord had invited me for dinner and since I have been living on her property it was an easy commute.

At dinner I had the pleasure of joining in on great discussions with the mosaic artists who are here working with Dixie on a large public art project in Houston and a sex therapist I had met once before who is an airbnb guest of Dixies’.   I had not asked the sex therapist many questions but after a glass of wine I was ready to learn more about what she does. 

Did you know that when a big public sex scandal, I guess a public sex scandal is normally big.., that people like this sex therapist, aka ST, are asked to counsel the person and help with media fall out?  I, of course, asked if Bill Clinton had a ST and of course, he did. They also help the spouse or significant other. Lots of shame happens with sex scandals and the spouse usually has a lot of negative energy focused on them as if the whole event were not bad enough.

I wanted to know what was at the core of a person who had a sex addiction. There is some profiling around the relationship the adult child had with the mother. I wanted to know how this issue is healed or fixed. I felt like I knew the answer based on my experience with Greg Baer and Real Love.

She finally pulled the onion layers back with groups etc and then, Yes ! at the core people with these addictions is the feeling of not being filled up on love. We often seek love from acts or from people to try and get fully filled up on the unconditional love we never experienced as children. None of us had unconditional love as children because our parents were not raised with unconditional love. Most of us learned to please our parents for this love and then brought this into relationships which often eventually creates an imbalance in our relationships as we try harder and harder to get something from our partners that they are not capable of giving so we begin to look for it in others.

I asked her what she recommends for folks to get filled up on love. She said she has found that meditating/praying with God as the focus is the best way. I am sure she keeps it real with her patients as they confess their truths to her in a supportive space. The encouragement to seek God for many, I am sure is comforting but many folks have been made to see God as judgmental and not unconditional.

No wonder sex addiction and pornography et al has grown. We live in a society of constant overwhelm and striving for things outside of ourselves to feel loved.

I Believe Our Angels and God are just waiting to give us Unconditional Love. If you are struggling with addictions of any kind I believe the work of Greg Baer through Real Love – can be an invaluable resource and of course, establishing an ongoing relationship with your angels and God.

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