You Hold All the Answers

“See the inner light in others and let that experience create a synergy of light for you and them that fills you both with Love and Peace – Rita Lorraine Carey

Hi am working on my first film that enables you to see and have a deeper appreciation for how well guided and loved we all are. May you feel relief in knowing how loved you are and that you never cease to exist. It feels like a project that is part of why I came to this planet at this time. I am calling it, The Revelation of You. You may sign up on my YouTube site for updates.

Explore my YouTube site. I have a Welcome message for you. On this site I access the Akashic Records of crystals and stones and people and the earth and thought forms;  things that carry vibrational history, which is everything.  – CLICK & SUBSCRIBE

If you would like an akashic records clarity session – reading with me please see the sessions tab. You can gain clarity on many subjects; Health, Relationships, Finances, Businesses, Real Estate, Pets – I have a discount if it is your first time.

I channeled a short story with two master energies that incorporates energy medicine – meditating – healing mushrooms – unconditional love – crystals; Elijah’s Alchemy can be purchased on Amazon as an ebook and a paper copy is coming soon; ELIJAH’S ALCHEMY (click here)



Shine Shine Shine Your Inner Light! & Own Your Sovereign Being! You Are So Powerful!

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I believe frequency devices are the future of healing – medicine and they are here NOW (:)! I use and sell a FDA ClassII approved medical device designed in Germany 20+ years ago and handmade in Liechtenstein. It is the most studied pulsed electro magnet frequency (PEMF) device on the planet for everything related to inflammation and increased blood flow. I Love It!  After multiple car accidents this device relieved my discomfort and increased my detoxing on a cellular level. When your body is experiencing a huge increase in oxygen and detoxing, amazing things begin to happen.

To find out more email me and follow this link to my BEMER page for pricing and order information. This frequency device has changed my life. I have a bonus for you if you purchase through me. 



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Travel Leads to More Happiness

Hanging Out with the Buddha and the Universe-Notes from the Universe author, Mike Dooley

Tahiti with Thoughts Become Things Friends



Volunteering brings you closer to the Divine, Your Essence

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) domestic and international volunteers in prisons and communities leading experiential workshops.
“A grassroots, worldwide movement dedicated to building peace in ourselves and in our homes, schools, institutions, and communities. We seek to release everyone’s innate power to positively transform ourselves, and in so doing, transform the world.”

Friends of Hlekweni has supported Samathonga Primary School for many years, particularly through a feeding program (now including breakfast as well as lunch), books and equipment. The organization is a UK-based charity whose purpose is to support education and peace-building work in Zimbabwe, principally in the areas around Bulawayo and, more widely, in Matabeleland. Donate or volunteer here!