After a long career in supply chain logistic sales for two fortune 100 companies I escaped by following my heart and leaning into joy. I moved from the DC area of Virginia to Cape Town, South Africa! I embarked on a spiritual quest of remembering how powerful I AM (& we all are) with the support of a loving community, organic whole high vibrating foods / juicing / medicinal herb tonics and energy medicine.  I began remembering and using a spiritual practice which connects me to the field known as the akashic records. 
The akash is an etheric field that encompasses the vibrational history of everything. A field that only mystics could access until shifts with the sun on our incredible planet began after 9/11. I play with youtube shares where I am accessing the akash of crystals and master energies like Jesus and Quan Yin and even the CV 19. I can teach this accessing which is uber brilliant for coaches to know how to do. The responses you receive in the akash are deeper and more knowing of you and your clients than your own intuition. Check out some channeled shares from the Akash on my YouTube site:
I am working on a film that reminds you of your energetic being self and how powerful it is to incorporate the knowledge of your energetic self in all things. From engaging in the world as an energetic being to healing any dis-ease in the body to aging backwards. As Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. AND The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” FREQUENCY IS THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE AND IT IS HERE NOW. Sign up here for my YouTube channel and hit the bell to me notified of future shares as we explore the Akash of things and update you on the revelations in our filming. 
THANK YOU ! Your support is appreciated. 
We are energy, frequency and vibration – we never cease to exist and that is the good news we should be singing daily about as we enjoy our amazing bodies, focus on high vibrating good thoughts, enjoy incredible food from the earth whose soil we have cultivated and loved on with people we love.
I share the teachings of the crystals as they remind us of our essence. This remembering allows you to embark on a journey to more wholeness and connection to those that have passed. We all will transition the body but our consciousness, soul energy never ceases. You are a powerful creator being. I will be sharing a prayer practice to help access those who have passed – you will hold crystal(s) while you do this. 

May you wake every day with enthusiasm for the day and what you want to experience more of in your life. 
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Enjoy this amazing time on planet earth. Nurture her and appreciate her and let’s see organic high vibrating soil with amazing animals sustaining us, working in synergy with all that source or god has co-created with us. We can all thrive.
Shine Your Inner Light ☀️ Love More

Big Blessings on Your Journey,


Rita Lorraine Carey

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Volunteering brings you closer to the Divine, Your Essence

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) domestic and international volunteers in prisons and communities leading experiential workshops.
“A grassroots, worldwide movement dedicated to building peace in ourselves and in our homes, schools, institutions, and communities. We seek to release everyone’s innate power to positively transform ourselves, and in so doing, transform the world.”

Friends of Hlekweni has supported Samathonga Primary School for many years, particularly through a feeding program (now including breakfast as well as lunch), books and equipment. The organization is a UK-based charity whose purpose is to support education and peace-building work in Zimbabwe, principally in the areas around Bulawayo and, more widely, in Matabeleland. Donate or volunteer here!