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I had been in Cape Town South Africa for about two months and one day while visiting a large two building shopping mall in an affluent area I walked past a woman with a table set up in a sort of breezeway between the two sides of the mall. She had a table full of stones and something inside said check this out. I loved looking at them and she began to share her journey with me. It is not uncommon for people to open up to me and share their passions. I listened intently as she told me she was a card reader and that her Mom had been one as well. She explained the properties of the stones and how they could heal you or move certain energies you. I listened like a child sitting on the edge of a seat. She told me about one stone that she would sometimes move to the edge of her table. This stone would repel anyone that had a hard heart. She would watch in amusement as some people detoured around her table not knowing why they had changed their path. I was mesmerized and just listened and waited as she spoke to other flies like me drawn to the honey of the stories of the stones.

Later that night I sat in front of my computer screen and googled stones. I realized I could feel energy in my body drawing me to certain ones on the screen. As I had been renting out my home in the US I was on a fixed budget but I so felt I needed these stones. I ordered some polished pieces and had them sent. I began to carry certain stones in my pocket and I felt a need to give and share certain stones with people I loved. Sugilite which is found in South Africa became a favorite, it is very powerful stone, check it out and see what stones you are drawn to.

I moved back home to Virginia for what was supposed to be three months and after realizing my Mom was not well and having the knowledge that she would pass when I left her I decided to stay. The first US summer I was back I was drawn to swim in the glacial lakes of New York. I had been swimming in natural water in Cape Town and loved the vibration and knowledge I was receiving from the water. All of the wisdom of the universe can be found in living waters. Feel free to ask it a question when you are in it and you will receive an answer. After much research on places I could take my Mom in NY I suddenly saw a stones name from Herkimer NY,,,it was called the Herkimer Diamond. I was completely drawn to this stone. I realized my innate interest in NY was about the stone and not about swimming there. The Herkimer Diamond is a dual polarity stone and is the strongest quartz crystal you can find so far. It has a very high angelic connection and it increases anything it is placed with, like most diamonds.

My collection was growing and what I began to feel drawn to do was share stones with others. I love it. I will often ask my higher consciousness what should I share with this person ? Sometimes it is a book but more often it is a stone.

I was angel led to travel with David Wolfe’s group to Peru. While in Peru I was gifted two different crystals while swimming in remote pools of hot springs. I just sat in two different places and small pieces broke off while stroking the stones that came down into the pools. I tried to see if more would break off in each spot but no,, pacha mama had given me two precious gifts. While in Cusco I found a stone dealer and brought back polished jewelry mounting pieces of stones found in the Andes and around Cusco. They are gorgeous and most have been shared with others.

That same year I was drawn to learn about Moldavite. I have read that Moldavite is or will be the only stone you will ever need. It is a tektite which means it was created when a meteor hit the earth. It carries properties from the earth and from outside the earth. Many people are beginning to create handmade stones in labs so finding authentic pieces is getting harder. Check the sources thoroughly when you decide to invest in stones.

I have been drawn in the last two years to citrine which is becoming more challenging to find. Some folks are heating amethyst and calling it citrine so be conscious of this. Citrine is about affluence or abundance and it does not need to be cleaned. Many stones pick up the energy of people etc so cleaning them is important.

When cleaning stones you will read about putting them out in the full moon. I have done this and it is a beautiful connected conscious exercise. Another way to clean them is to use a favorite stone of mine called Selenite. Selenite has a beautiful vibration and it will cleanse other stones by touching them and being close to them. I have heard there is a teacher telling you that you do not need to clean crystals. I do not believe this is true. I had a metaphysical doctor I studied with who used to tell a story of a healer who would wear a large clear crystal and when she finished a healing session her crystal would often be cloudy and she would have to clear it. You can clear stones by being in your body and bringing your vibration really high as you have the focused intent of clearing your stones. Listen to yourself and do what feels best.

My Mom passed in July and before she passed she had become a lover of stones and crystals. She made conscious purchases with jewelry and kept certain stones by her bedside. When we visited Santa Fe should bought a book on stones and we spent hours looking at them together. During that trip I learned I could ask the stones which one should be a gift. As an example I asked which piece of moldavite should go to my friend Alisha. As I held my hand over each piece there was a vibration that I could feel. One stone had a stronger vibration and I knew that was the stone for her. During my Mom’s services we gave away pieces of rose quartz which has a healing heart and love focus. It was a beautiful way to honor my Mom’s life and her love of crystals. I knew it made her happy.

I love traveling and finding and seeing and feeling the energy of stones that are from that area.

I was just at the worlds largest crystal, stone and gem show that happens once a year in Tucson Arizona. My friend Stacy Chandler who owns Rivers Edge Crystal store in Chicago went with me. We had the best time amongst big and small pieces and all the people drawn to look, buy and sell. I decided on this trip to incorporate my love of stones / crystals into a business of introducing large pieces to others as a way to beautifully decorate their homes while bringing in wonderful energy to surround themselves in. While realizing how much fun this would be I met an amazing healer and crystal lover who is doing just this. I love how the universe and God guide us to people who confirm and support the things we love.

I have an intention of creating pet products with stones and I have opened myself to the universe and God to support this intention however it is supposed to unfold.

Please contact me as you feel led to learn more or to work with me on bringing gorgeous stones and crystals into your home or business space.

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