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quartz is part of the support the earth is giving us

Shine Your Inner Light

Shine Shine Shine

Greetings and Welcome ! This site has evolved based on my evolving interests and I have a new site I will be launching soon We are always supported and this site will have information on how that support is coming through quartz crystals to help us share love before we die and after.

I have been able to master my thoughts and my energy most days by starting a practice of leaning into joy and good feeling thoughts. I was one of those corporate executives who had everything they thought they needed to be happy. The first blow to my psyche was the death of my beloved grandmother. I dropped into a well of depression and pushed the world out. Then Believe it or not I had a series of car accidents that left me unable to wear heels or play golf or lift anything heavy. I was awarded a lifetime medical benefit. I subjected myself to prolotherapy treatment which is where they tear into the skin with a needle near your injury to get the body to illicit an autoimmune response. I did this for a few years every 6-8 weeks (!) as I worked and excelled in my career juggling many things with a lot of pain. Then I had breast cyst issues and decided to have an egg size one removed. At the bottom of my health journey I got a call saying the last biopsy was benign. I laid on my bathroom floor and sobbed with relief. They say that we all hit a bottom and rise. I never used the lifetime medical benefit and  today I can dance in heels and play golf and workout and and and.. I tell you this so you will understand that anything is possible and when we learn to trust the support we have around us with angels, guides, god, the universe et al life gets better ! Leaning into joy supported my leaving my corporate career and took me all the way to living and exploring in Cape Town, South Africa.

I went on a deep spiritual journey of remembering who I am and the tools we have available and the support we need to enjoy life and feel happy. We are always so supported. There are no coincidences in life so welcome to my page ! 🙂

I love how my life now is guided when I step into absolute trust. The level of presence I have now coupled with the resources in my spiritual practice is really special and I feel very blessed.

I am writing and creating projects that feel soul purpose led. One is HUGE and is focused on sharing the knowledge of quartz crystals to help people before they die or transition and afterwards. The earth wants to be there for everyone and this is a way she is doing it!

I was led to a device that helps me keep my energy up and inflammation down. I have been told it works in the 5th and 7th dimension but I can’t see the torus that has been described to me by people who see energy. I just know how I feel using it and what my naturopath has said about my blood. So, the BEMER has changed my life in just 8 minutes a day laying on a mat (!) link; my independent distributor page  

I use a high vibrating safe and loving prayer to access Akashic Records. I have been certified by Dr Linda Howe to teach you to access your records and the records of others. Would you like an Akashic Reading ?  Quantum Energy or Akashic Reading/Consult (20% off for the first consult).You can expect to gain clarity on relationships, money issues, health concerns, soul purpose questions..from a place where you are known deeply and loved completely. In the Bible it is referenced as the Book of Life.

Elijah’s Alchemy is ready for an AmmAzing publisher and to be translated and edited in many languages. Thoughts become things ! and if you hang out with me you will know my feelings here. I see this heart opening spirit filled love story lifting many people around the world. Please consider sharing my contact info and this heart led well illustrated short story with a publishing company you know and love. Thank you ! 

New short story on my blog site on Death, A Conversation with Spirit (like It’s a Wonderful Life).

Sign up for updates and please call or email me for more information on BEMER sales, rentals or sessions in the US, UK, CANADA and Europe.

Thank you !

Love and Blessings on Your Journey,

Elijah’s Alchemy is coming soon

Mike Dooley, NYTimes best selling author and Notes from the Universe creator says it is, “A cleverly suspenseful, Love filled tale of choices, lessons, and healing.”



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After taking your class, naturally my feeling and thought became more positive and loving way. I would like to keep them with me." "Where did you begin and end? What will you take with you ? I want to know about me and improve inner self. I could access the vibe. I will take the loving higher energy / vibe with me.
Houston, TX
I also really liked the guided meditations. I will be adding ideas from the guided meditation into my own meditation practice. I will definitely be using this practice for personal development.
Sedona, AZ
I am really excited to gain even more confidence and a strong energetic connection with the Akashic Records so that I can explore detailed spiritual wisdom.
Houston, TX
The class really strengthened my energetic connection to the Akashic Records. It was great to open up the Akashic Records that many times together in class.
Sedona, AZ
I started the visioning process, when I felt like I was in need of some decluttering in my mental, professional, and romantic life. Rita helped me to visualize what I wanted in the year and five years to come, and to think about positioning myself with intention to get there. I'm happy to say I've used this visioning over the last several years and it has done me well. It has helped me to see that in order to get to where I want to be, sometimes I need to just be still and wait. It is during these times the mental space allows for some creativity. Rita's help with visioning has been invaluable in my personal and professional growth process.
Washington, DC
Love, a magical read. Loved this fairytale, yet alchemist tale! How the book opens a window to the mystery and being at one with our inner gifts and the real life situations one can be presented with.
Absolutely loved this book and its message. Look forward to sharing it with my young nephew and nieces - hoping they will learn to live the life of their dreams too!
New Zealand, Australia

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