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“See the inner light in others and let that experience create a synergy of light for you and them - Rita Lorraine Carey

Greetings and Welcome! 

My name is Rita Lorraine Carey. I am an ex-corporate executive who escaped by following my heart :)! The journey of leaning into joy and eventually learning to calm my mind has connected me with what feels like my souls calling to come here. I want people to know and experience their own goodness. I would love for others to understand and feel most days how well they are loved and supported here by energetic threads that lovingly connect all of us. I would love for the knowledge of how to connect and channel the support you need for anything be known and experienced by you.

I am working on my first film that enables you to see and have a deeper appreciation for how well guided and loved we all are. It feels like a project that is part of why I came to this planet at this time. I am calling it, The Revelation of You

Explore my YouTube site here and keep up to date on the film project. I have a Welcome Message for You  – CLICK & SUBSCRIBE 

I access the Akash (vibrational history/essence/ether) of crystals and stones and people and the earth and thought forms;  things that carry vibrational history (knowledge and information and guidance) which is everything. 

If you would like an akashic records clarity session – reading with me please see the sessions tab. You can gain clarity on many subjects; Health, Relationships, Finances, Businesses, Real Estate, Pets

I channeled a short story about my earlier journey with energy medicine – meditating – mushrooms – unconditional love – crystals .. Elijah’s Alchemy can be purchased on Amazon as an ebook and a paper copy is coming soon; ELIJAH’S ALCHEMY (click here)

Shine Shine Shine Your Inner Light! & Own Your Sovereign Being! You Are So Powerful!

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Let’s Talk About CRYSTALS & STONES !

How can they help you heal from grief and allow you to connect with those you love who have passed? More to be shared in a guided practice and in the history of how we have used crystals and stones to connect to higher states of consciousness (us) and each other – stay tuned (subscribe) and check out my BLOG page.

On the very helpful side for me regarding vibration and frequency I use and sell a FDA ClassII medical device designed in Germany 20+ years ago. To find out more follow this link to my BEMER page and have the Best Day Ever: BEMER INFORMATION

Love and Blessings on Your Journey,


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