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I had a corporate job that I loved and sometimes hated, I had days when I did not want to get out of bed, I had goals and things that I thought would bring me happiness… I had everything that I thought would make me feel great but I had trouble sustaining this feeling. I experienced periods of deep pain from unprocessed grief energy.

I have been able to master my thoughts and my energy most days to open up a peaceful and joy filled state for me. I learned how to shift the energy of grief. 

I love how my life unfolds and evolves. The level of presence I have now coupled with the resources in my spiritual practice is really special. I feel very blessed. The use of the BEMER has changed my life in just 8 minutes a day laying on a mat (!) and now as an independent BEMER distributor I can share it with you. (

I can help you raise your energy qi and experience more happiness.

There are no accidents, that you met me or found this site.

Please contact me for information on the BEMER, What Is It? or a Quantum Energy Akashic consult.

My latest book, The Alchemy of the Little Red Frog, incorporates some of the Ancient healing energy practices I have learned in this lifetime and it is available on Amazon.

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Alchemy of The Little Red Frog | Rita Lorraine Carey

The Alchemy of The Little Red Frog

a Metaphysical Journey for All Ages!


The Alchemy of The Little Red Frog is a short love story set in a medieval renaissance time period that incorporates various ancient healing modalities and expansive thought transitions. It is a metaphysical journey for all ages. As the protagonist journeys and grows the reader can’t help but be carried along.

Buy your copy here! for $1.99 

Thank you for purchasing and sharing my short metaphysical journey for All Ages ! 


Mike Dooley

“A cleverly suspenseful, love filled tale of choices, lessons, and healing.”

Mike Dooley
NY Times bestselling author of Infinite Possibilities,

Greg Baer“Enjoy with me this mystical, fantastical allegory about love and life and how we can live in joy and magic.”

Greg Baer, MD
Author, motivational speaker and coach at

Co-create your life & lean into joy by raising your vibrational energy!


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After taking your class, naturally my feeling and thought became more positive and loving way. I would like to keep them with me." "Where did you begin and end? What will you take with you ? I want to know about me and improve inner self. I could access the vibe. I will take the loving higher energy / vibe with me.
Houston, TX
I also really liked the guided meditations. I will be adding ideas from the guided meditation into my own meditation practice. I will definitely be using this practice for personal development.
Sedona, AZ
I am really excited to gain even more confidence and a strong energetic connection with the Akashic Records so that I can explore detailed spiritual wisdom.
Houston, TX
The class really strengthened my energetic connection to the Akashic Records. It was great to open up the Akashic Records that many times together in class.
Sedona, AZ
I started the visioning process, when I felt like I was in need of some decluttering in my mental, professional, and romantic life. Rita helped me to visualize what I wanted in the year and five years to come, and to think about positioning myself with intention to get there. I'm happy to say I've used this visioning over the last several years and it has done me well. It has helped me to see that in order to get to where I want to be, sometimes I need to just be still and wait. It is during these times the mental space allows for some creativity. Rita's help with visioning has been invaluable in my personal and professional growth process.
Washington, DC
Love, a magical read. Loved this fairytale, yet alchemist tale! How the book opens a window to the mystery and being at one with our inner gifts and the real life situations one can be presented with.
Absolutely loved this book and its message. Look forward to sharing it with my young nephew and nieces - hoping they will learn to live the life of their dreams too!
New Zealand, Australia

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