Joy Meditations

Why seek Joy ? Why not seek Joy ?
Do we all feel and experience Joy the same way ? Do all things that bring me Joy bring you Joy ?
Can we find the common threads that allow us to step into Joy ?

How to begin .. It is important that you learn to take quiet time for yourself. Finding a place where you can say to yourself honestly, my mind is calm.
When you begin if it seems that things you need to do pop into your mind then please keep a blank piece of paper or a notebook near you. Write down the things you want or need to do on the paper that keep your mind from calming.
We will breathe some every day.

Let’s Begin –
Breathe in through your nose. A deep breath that you release from your mouth. That is it. Make it deeper now, one more deep breath through your nose and out through your mouth. As you begin to relax you will notice a calm that wraps around you. It is important to stay in your body as we move through these next seven days together. Imagine a beautiful beam of light coming down into your head that creates a light pool at the base of your spine. As you sit on the light pool breathe in this calm.
Let’s begin this way every day as we embrace this thought we will call Joy. *

Day 1 *Now that we have established one way of calming your mind. Let’s think of other ways. Where do you find peace and serenity. Is it near the waters edge ? Is it in the mountains ? These places are very different but they have the ability to elicit the same feelings.
Let’s go there and really experience what is there. Shut your eyes and feel the sun, the smells, the sounds, the breezes, taste the sweetness in the air and let that feeling weave little swirls all around you starting at your feet and working their way up over your head. Awwwwww… feel that, joy. Any time today when you sense the absence of this feeling just go back to the water’s edge or the mountains.

DAY 2 *For a few days we will remind you that you have taken a moment to calm your mind before beginning,,, for all of us the lengths of those moments are different. You are there with us in this calm space. As you sit there look out through your forehead and recall a moment in the last month when a strangers eyes caught yours in a knowing glance. It may have been just a way to acknowledge the other or it my have been an added gesture to say I see your heart. When you remember this gesture breathe in that beauty deeply through your nose and out through your mouth. If you are having a hard time with this recall than let’s do this today; As you go about your day let’s look for someone to connect with. Let’s shine your inner light in a way that you connect with another amazing soul and then you can decide to share a smile or a laugh or an acknowledgement of their being. Let the connection you make resonate in this wonderful knowing that every day we can make these connections.

DAY 3 *We trust you have been able to have a conscious awareness now of the beauty in connecting with others. You decide day to day. For our today let’s sit in calm and think of the animal you most enjoy. You may have had this animal as part of your life or you may just have a strong connection to it. Isn’t this fun. Take time to sit with this animal. Feel it’s energy wrap around you. Yes, Smile in the knowing the love they have for you. We would encourage you to look into it’s eyes and feel the depth of that love. Take them with you on your day and rejoice in the knowing the love and connection you can have for this animal and others. When you want to feel this connection anytime just reach inside and be with it.

DAY 4 *Let’s take a walk outside and sit or put your feet on the earth. Now you may say, I can’t, I live in a tall building and there is no grass or sand or dirt around me. Or you may feel like you cannot leave your space to have this experience. We say you can have this experience and you have choices. You can shut your eyes and look out through your forehead and remember the sunny days you walked on the beach or took your shoes off in the grass. If you cannot remember yourself having these experiences we will walk with you. Let’s go to your peaceful serenity place. Carefully take your shoes off and socks or whatever you have on your feet. If you have no feet use your hands or any part of your body you like. Reach in with your fingers or toes and feel the sand or earth and grass. Feel that energy and stay in that place of connection letting that energy work its way into and up and through your body. Be with the earth and feel this connection. We suggest you spend as long as you can, feeling this earth connection at least twenty minutes while your body fully connects.

DAY 5 *Is filled with Magic as 5 is a number of Magic. Did you ever try a magic trick ? We see magic every day. We turn on a faucet and water comes out, we move a piece of plastic and a light comes on .. what are the magical things you have around you now. Do you have a computer or a phone or a seed. Yes, a seed is magic. Have you heard of the giant and the bean stalk ? We are just kidding but speaking truth. Seeds are magical because they can turn into anything. You see them from the outside and you may or you may not know what they will turn into. You are a seed in many ways. You have the ability to turn into so many things. You might say, no I feel stuck as I am. We would say you can become whatever you want. The key is imagining you are already there. Let’s say you want to be a surfer. You start by being on the surf board and feeling what it feels like. Do you like it ? Keep doing it and being a surfer in your experience of your thoughts. Very soon you will see something or meet someone or have an experience that is related in some small way or big way to surfing. Keep being in that space of feeling and doing what has captured your hearts desire. Make Magic :)!!

DAY 6 *Now you have a few things to think about in such a brief period that feel good to contemplate. We would invite you to be in that space of appreciation as you think about these past five days. Today let’s spend some time thinking about a family member you love. They may still be in this plane or they may have transitioned home. We would like you to see and feel the sparkle of the connection you have/had with them. Rita had a Grandmother who she adored and loved spending time with here. Do you have a favorite sibling, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather or neighbor ? You get the idea, this is a person you remember fondly or enjoy spending time with today. Let’s take time this morning to remember them and take them to that relaxing beach place or mountain space. Shut your eyes and look out through your forehead and imagine showing them your space and explain why you enjoy it so much. Let them delight in the sounds, smells and all the things there that light up your senses. Feel the joy and happiness that has come to you and them by sharing this sacred special place. Tell them how much you love sharing with them and ask them to always connect with you in love in this space. Wish them joy and peace as you say goodbye and open your eyes. Know you can always invite the people you love into your sacred space with gratitude.

DAY 7 *Let’s take an opportunity today to spend time with a flower. What is your favorite flower ? Shut your eyes and begin to look out through your forehead and see this beautiful flower. What does it look like ? Does it have little petals or big ? Really breathe in the sense of having it right there. Is it delicate ? What is the scent ? Be with the flower and imagine the amazing scent ? Look at the colors and the variations in the colors, no two flowers are alike, be in appreciation of this and the knowing that even in the winter or absence of flowers you can create them and experience them where you are. Rita had a master take her on a garden tour one day. She took in every petal, vein of the leaf, curve of the bark, the dew on the leaves, the drooping of the really heavy flowers on the plant..she was told to really become one with the flowers and plants. It was a beautiful experience in being present and in falling in love with all the magic in the garden. She even drew her favorite flower as a way to connect even more. Let’s take the next 10 – 20 minutes to walk around and experience the most beautiful garden you have ever experienced or create the most beautiful garden you have ever experienced. Feel the magnitude of all the life there and breathe in that beauty.

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Blessings and Joy and Love to You Always. Know you are loved more than you can imagine and that you can create Joy Every Day.

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