Let’s Talk About the Akashic Records and Manifesting

I am just back from a transformative five days with Dr Linda Howe and my amazing classmates. We were focused on her latest work which is manifesting your souls purposes through your akashic records. Your akashic records is a field that holds a vibrational history of your soul in all its lifetimes. What does this mean ? Every detail your soul did in any other lifetime has been recorded ie The Book of Life ..there are many spiritual references to this knowing. Accessing your souls history with the Pathway Prayer Process © takes you to this loving protected connection with your divine consciousness. It is a space where you are truly known, supported and loved. (IT IS FABULOUS)

It was so helpful for me to follow guided practices in my records to see where I had limiting patterns with; procrastination and why, around speaking my truth in a way that respects me and the people around me and ask why, why am I sometimes not as patient as I wish .. I learned of different lifetimes where these patterns were helpful to my survival, WOW. I have carried them forward to protect me. Our work in the records leads to transformation when we can see and be comfortable with the paradoxes in our lives.

Paradoxes; we often speak of our perfection yet we all have imperfections. This particular paradox was something I sat with and used in my records to learn to love and appreciate myself even with these limiting patterns. How can I love myself when I am not always patient with others, How can I love myself even when I procrastinate, How can I love myself even when I do not communicate clearly .. leaning into these imperfections with the understanding of these past life influences helped me release the presence they have had with me. Part of the shift is accepting that I may always have these imperfections, it is the juice to changing them. Can I accept and love myself even with this view I have of me that feels imperfect. This is the golden nugget or golden ticket to manifesting anything. We have an awareness and once we love and accept ourselves where we are right now, a shift will happen. We can then take action and the patterns move and transform.

Of course, this process is recognized from a place where we know we can only make changes to ourselves and not others. We are all on our own path and when we journey with others we learn from them and we grow. We can never control anyone else or tell them the best way to lead their lives (darn it) even if we see a train wreck coming. We can or should only see and want the best for others, this is true love.

I may be making this sound too easy. It is not always easy to see or hear about a past life that was hard and left us with this “stuff” that we would love to shift. The important thing to be present with is that you have also had many past lives filled with complete love and joy. When I access clients records, past lives do not always present themselves but the client is always given loving and supportive advice for whatever answers they are seeking. The connection to their divine consciousness is held in this beautiful light grid of divine love. Even if a past life does not easily present, energetically it is still there. As we experience this love and support we can see ourselves in the light of this divine love that fully accepts us. This my friends is incredibly transformative.

I am appreciative that I was led to connect with my akashic records through the pathway prayer process © and to study with Dr Linda Howe. The Universe/God is always supporting me and guiding me towards people that support my highest good and my souls purposes. It is always bringing loving joy filled supportive souls into my world. I appreciate all the guidance and support.

Are you struggling with Money, Relationships, Health Issues, Soul Purposes .. ? Would you like divine guidance and clarity to make shifts in your life from a place where you are known and loved ?

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I know I am here to shine my inner light and to assist others in shining their inner light as I see the divine love of God in them. I am here to be creative in many forms, to write and to teach. I would love to have an akashic consultation with you today. Please feel free to share my contact information.

Thank You.

May the light of the divine always be noticeably present in your life.

Love and Blessings,


ps if you would like to learn how to access your akashic records please send me a note and leave your email with me on my website. I will let you know about upcoming classes and maybe we can arrange for one in your community.

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