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Cheers to Ascension Energy & Support with the BEMER

This past weekend I headed to Walden Inn & Spa for an incredible weekend of pampering and channeled information on connecting with Cosmic Consciousness as we collectively leave this 3rd Dimension more and more (ascension energy). It was called the Circle of Joy workshop. During the workshop, I was pleasantly…

LGBT Wellness Summit

Sponsoring the LGBT Online Wellness Summit

As I returned from my sailing adventure around the Polynesian islands feeling very loved and happy I was told I had a daunting time line I had not considered. I had agreed in the previous month to be a sponsor for the first ever LGBT Wellness Summit which will be…

The Final Days

The final days. As I lie here in my airbnb in northern Scottsdale an image and an experience comes to me with my Mom. First we are talking about air and breathing, I have just gotten back from northern Sedona where the air is crisp and clean. My Mom was…

10 Tips from the authors of The Energies of Love

By Donna Eden and Dr. David Feinstein Donna Eden and Dr. David Feinstein recently gave us some valuable relationship advice around what they call The Energies of Love, also the title of their co-authored book. Check out these 10 tips for couples from The Energies of Love: 1. Hug often.…

Shine Your Inner Light

The sun is always here for you even when it seems far away. Shut your eyes and imagine the warmth on your skin. Feel the brightness and know the energy that surrounds you. ​Love is a constant. You may not always feel it like the warmth and brightness of the…


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