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Manifesting Joy

I just got back from a phenomenal cruise around the Polynesian islands with a group of Soul Friends and fellow Divine Co-creators who follow Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe, Divine Co-creator, Infinite Possibilities Writer and Teacher AND his brother Andy Dooley, Writer, Divine Co-creator, Coach, Speaker .. It was very surreal. Our every need was met perfectly by the staff on the Paul Gauguin ship, the islands were beyond gorgeous and they provided a place to really disconnect from the outside world. The people in our group were loving, kind, thoughtful, intelligent and there to learn and enjoy themselves. I danced, swam, ate and drank well, laughed deeply and did not stop smiling and absorbing the wonderful energy of everything in my presence.

I was reflecting that I had envisioned this trip several years ago when I read a blog post in the NY Times about a writer who sailed around the Polynesian islands for a week. Her cell phone had no reception so she really disconnected, the catamaran she was on stopped at an island every day to explore and swim in gorgeous salty seas, she ate fresh food every day. I never lost that picture in my mind and how amazing it would feel.


Manifesting from a feeling state. We all have dreams and visions that take us to places. Why do some of those dreams happen and some do not ? How much do our thoughts and feelings contribute to manifesting ? Dr Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, would say everything since he has seen the outer layer of a cell change based on someones thoughts. How do our thoughts then affect others and circumstances ?


After connecting with my angels I began to communicate with them and they were so happy. Did you know your angels are just waiting to help you with anything you ask ? What if I told you it helps to ask from an appreciative state ? You are probably nodding your head because everything is helped when we approach things and people from an appreciative state.


What I know is that when you have an idea about something that you think would feel good then it is best to visualize with limited detail this thing or circumstance and step into a place of how would that feel. See it and feel it without specifics. Source always wants to help you and sometimes we cannot fully grasp how much we can actually receive.


That is the next step, receiving. It is best to be in a place of full allowing and receiving. To do this sometimes we have to move old energy patterns or thoughts. There are lots of ways to do this and the more you can do this in a way where you fully appreciate and love yourself the more you can receive.


I am so glad I read that blog post and felt how amazing it would be to sail those islands. I am so glad I allowed myself to fully feel loved and whole which has been opening the space and flow for so much beauty and fun in my life. I have the most amazing people showing up to support and love me. I AM SO APPRECIATIVE


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