Shares from Spirit 03-2016, May they comfort and guide you with love as we enter the magic of 2020


You are not your bodies but you are light that shined so bright when you were born. Shine Shine Shine Again.

You are an open vessel of love. Take time to pour into yourself the things that bring you joy. Allow things that do not bring you joy to pour out. Hold the higher joy energy.

I have loved you since before time, lean into that love and feel being held.

Don’t be nervous about how you connect with source or the divine. I am always here supporting and guiding you. Make no mistake about this. You are loved deeply and completely as you are. I make no mistakes because I formed you in perfection for all to see and connect with. Everyone is your sister and brother, see their light. See the Divine in them and when you struggle to see it, know it is there and look harder. When you connect with them deeply you will be allowed to see it. 

I am at the top of the mountain, in the river – sit and know I am everywhere because I am inside you.

You are so beautiful. If you could see what I see you would never question this and you would be so happy to just share yourself. When you struggle to see and feel this, pick up a mirror and look into your eyes deeply. Look for me deeply and feel my presence.

Amid the darkness there is always light that will guide your way home. When it is hard to see ask your body to feel it and let it guide you to the light and know I am always with you. 

We think we come here alone and leave alone when we actually come here with an uncountable number of supportive energetic threads and leave here with the same energetic support. We are never alone. 

Your beauty is in everything you do, be with that knowing and share from that space of knowing.

Today is a gift because you are here. How will you share your light or love ? Know it is a present.

Breathe in wholeness, breathe it in everywhere especially to any area that does not feel whole. Electrify it with your breath and feel it being made whole. Know it as whole and complete.

Time is not something we control or manage. Time is an abstraction, distraction that can cause dissatisfaction. Think of all the ways you try to control time, release these aspirations and know everything has a divine order.

Are you afraid of Goblins ? Why ? What do you really know about goblins ? Is it true ? Oh, you would rather not find out ? How often do we make “the other” a Goblin ? Maybe goblins are afraid of you ? Let yourself begin to release the fear of the goblin. Breathe. What do you notice ? Did you try to see it differently ? Did you see yourself shaking it’s hand or maybe you saw it smile ? Did you try to personify it or make it more human ? Did you make yourself more like a goblin ? Did you, Can you laugh at yourself for all the things you have imagined about the goblin that you do not know to be true ? Does the thought that we could all be goblins scare you ?

Today and Everyday has been made just for you. Put your finger prints and foot prints on it, knowing  no one can make these imprints but beautiful, lovely, dynamic an inspiring You.

New beginnings require an open heart. You may feel the threads of the past wrapping themselves around your toes, just recognize them for what they are and they will release. This will allow you to fly.

Be blessed in knowing we are all doing the best we can.

Just as a fresh coat of paint moves over the old paint, imagine your world being transformed a new. Always present with the growth over the old by being surrounded by the brightness of the new.

You come here seeking knowledge, seeking guidance. I am a reflection, a mirror of you.

We all pulse with the same oneness.

Helping one child heals a whole family; past present and future. 

Teaching that child to love themselves well transforms generations and heals the earth.

One collective One race One

The eclipse is about a cycle. A cycle you are apart of. Relax and know you are doing the best things you can for you in this cycle plus the best thing for others.

The sun is always here for you even when it seems far away. Shut your eyes and imagine the warmth on your skin. Feel the brightness and know the energy that surrounds you.

Love is a constant. You may not always feel it like the warmth and brightness of the sun but it is the constant that connects us all.

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