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This past weekend I headed to Walden Inn & Spa for an incredible weekend of pampering and channeled information on connecting with Cosmic Consciousness as we collectively leave this 3rd Dimension more and more (ascension energy). It was called the Circle of Joy workshop. During the workshop, I was pleasantly surprised to also have a more thorough introduction to the shapes that sound frequencies/energies make and sacred geometry. The channeler co-facilitating our workshop sees frequencies or energy and can see into the body. She does clinic work with patients trying to heal and works with a famous stem cell doctor. She has an incredible gift to see what is happening inside our bodies.

We began discussing how to manifest experiences you wish to have from this place of connected consciousness in our bodies from our cosmic minds. It has been 350,000 years since our bodies have been able to connect this way to create and travel. I realized I desired the experience of having her see what the BEMER was doing to the body. The BEMER is a medical frequency or energy device I began using at the beginning of this year. I have felt more energy or strength in my body and my naturopath saw my red blood cells moving freely and detoxing after just one eight-minute session. Before the session, she had seen them a little clumped up. Circulation is a huge issue for people as they get older. She told me I was guided to a device that fit the issue I was experiencing. I never felt this as an issue but would experience my ankles swelling.

It is recommended that you just use the B Bod or mat for eight minutes twice a day. Once you have built up to higher frequencies after about six weeks you use it at night to take you into a deep detoxing sort of sleep. There are other adapters you can use at the same time to wrap acute areas or spot treat areas or help with skin issues, it even firms my skin. They have sold over a million devices overseas for the last sixteen years to over 4000 hospitals and to athletes and sports teams. They have just introduced it to the US market as a direct marketing set up. I just received the horse device or vet device designed like a horse blanket. I have been using the B Bod with my dog, Oliver, and have used it on horses. Animals love the frequencies and you can see how relaxed they become in just a few minutes. I know in this stress-free space ALL our bodies can do what they were designed to do best.

Anyway ! I love it and was delighted when Rebecca agreed to look at it the next morning. One of my friends who had shared the invite to the workshop was there with her father. He had some knee discomfort the first night I arrived so I bemered his knee. He felt relief and we wondered if it was the BEMER or my share about the power of our thoughts and how we can redirect them or direct them to create changes in our bodies. He was the subject during the time when Rebecca viewed the BEMER in action. I have a short audio share here. I wish I had taped it from the beginning. What you miss is her seeing this frequency/energy around the body moving like a large torus. It does produce an electromagnetic field and that is what she saw. She said it pulls down to the feet and out and around the body up to the head and back down. Standing at his head as he was lying on the B Bod or mat on the massage table she felt like she was being pulled into the energy. She shared if you do healing work that you would want to stand at the person’s feet to work with them and that it would enhance your healing work. Inside the body, she saw it opening up and adjusting to allow for more space and room to align the way it is was designed.

PEMF Therapy

I told her I was led to place the pad at an angle across my abdomen to enrich/increase blood flow in my stomach, liver, kidney etc. Our shares during the workshop referenced the ‘Cosmic Mind’ that connects us to all things. It resides at the intersection of the heart and solar plexus. We were learning how to expand it and use it to direct our thoughts and actions initially from this space so the mind could be engaged after originating in the cosmic mind. I asked if this was helping my connection with everything we had been learning and sharing that can happen when you are connected in that space to all things. She said Yes, and added that the B Bod mat is doing this as well. It is opening us/expanding us to connect more to the things we desire and want to create in our lives. Wow, exciting ! I love knowing that the device is allowing me to connect deeper with me but not in a vacuum. She said it is the opposite of a vacuum so it allowing a greater connection supporting the ascension or raising my frequency/vibration. Wonderful to have a device that is optimizing my health and raising my ability to connect with higher levels of consciousness.

If you do not have a BEMER yet (they do have a goal to have one in every household) please contact me regardless of where you are in the world and I will ensure you have an experience with one or your pets / horses and help you to purchase one. Happy to answer questions you have and help you on your path to creating more happiness and joy in your life.

Dr Oz calls them the future that is here now !

Contact me to own one. I LOVE IT! So I decided to sell it. As an Independent BEMER distributor I can sell you one. If you want to explore the benefits and learn more open this link and contact me to own a BEMER or lease (you will never regret this decision) 

I love knowing the device I was drawn to share with others is helping me and others in ways I did not imagine. I will always desire to experience things that bring me strength, happiness, joy, and love from an appreciative heart and cosmic min!

Love and Blessings with a Big Cheers to AAmmAAzing Health and Ascension Energy !!

Rita Lorraine Carey

Five International Patents – No other PEMF device compares – BEMER has a Joint Venture with NASA

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