You were Born in Completeness and Formed in Love

Channeled Message from Jesus,

“ I actually did have thoughts as I entered this planet. I thought, how will I relate to my new environment and my parents and siblings and am I up to this task?

You have no idea what that is like to remember because you are not given that opportunity. What I would like to share, Rita, is that, wow actually so many things. .. Yes, you came here as a choice, never doubt this and your source energy never leaves you. I came here based on a calling of humanity.

The ask and it is given phrase is just a phrase bc the energy in it comes from believing and knowing and feeling and not actually in the verbal asking. So many people have been asking for me and God and their angels this year and last but they are not asking from a knowing feeling state. For those that ask from this state their asking has been answered.

You are gifted in your connection and it is not that others cannot experience this but they are not in that aligned energetic state and it is not like they won’t be. Just never question it or doubt it as you have before. Your gifts are many and I will always be a part of them.

I know you are ready to rest so let us just say, Tonight and Today and Every Night and Today I am with every soul energy on planet earth. May you engage me as you wish and always feel my love and unending support for you. When you are connecting at a higher level with me you will feel my personality which is not only unconditionally loving (always) but it is filled with lightness and humor. You All need to laugh more and stop focusing on your health and longevity, you are all eternal. Have Fun! eat the cake, jump out of the plane, travel and immerse yourself in each other. Rita loves meeting people different from her who love and explore different things, passion is the energy to move with — find your passions and explore them. I promise you that you will age backwards when you do. Peace be with You”

Jesus told me he wanted to write through me on my birthday six years ago at almost the exact time of my birth as I jumped in the sea and asked, What do I need to know? I love asking the sea this question bc water holds knowledge, it is why it is now being used I am told in microchips. When Jesus said he wanted to write through me it sent me into that space I had known as a teenager regarding who should I tell ,, no one that I could think of,,, Especially any Christians bc it felt sacrilegious as if, who was I to write for Jesus? was this ego? It could be perceived this way for sure. I did not know how to unpack that or who to unpack it with. I spent some years sitting with it and appreciating a fun loving connection with him. He makes me laugh and is so funny.

I finally found a spiritual being I trusted to ask and her name is Sheila Gillette. Sheila channels Theo who identify as 12 archangelic beings. Sheila and Theo helped Esther and Jerry Hicks understand how to meditate and they told Esther when she did so a guide would come to her. We know that guide now as Abraham Hicks who teaches and shares the energy and laws of attraction and how we create in this environment.

What did that even mean to write through me I had wondered. Remember, Ask and it is given. I had two readings with Theo and they said he did want to write through me but it would be my choice as we all have freewill here. I asked if I was embodiment at the same time as him? bc the relationship feels so close. I told them that I feel and hear him as this fun loving beautiful friend who never lets me be hard on myself and who tells me how much he loves my laugh and me. He gives me beautiful advice. They said we have a relationship as good friends and that we were in embodiment at the same time. They said he was a jokester in embodiment and this is true to me bc it is how I experience him. I needed reassurance of what I was hearing and Theo provided that for me. I will be forever grateful to them for helping me to accept the loving connection as truth.

I am finally ready to open up my clairaudient channel in a way to express maybe part of why I chose to come here. I have channeled one short story that Jesus and Mary wrote through me when they wanted to show me how easy it was to write. That short story is called Elijah’s Alchemy and is available on Amazon in an ebook format — soon to have a paper version you can read to small people and discuss as the content touches on meditation, unconditional love, intuitive or knowing senses, herbs, crystals, energy healing and even the akashic records.

My clairaudient channeling or connection began in a primitive baptist church in Virginia when I was a teenager. It was a church connected to my great grandfather who had been a circuit minister. It was repressive to women as no woman could hold a leadership position and they were supposed to be subservient. I felt these women to be powerful so none of that made sense. It was also primitive in that they did not allow adornments or musical instruments. In many ways it was simple but in actuality it was an incredibly complicated place for a young woman beginning to realize she was different. I didn’t have words for it then but as a teenager who was realizing she was attracted to women my heart ached to understand how a loving God would allow me to be tortured in being myself. How could I risk authenticity when it would mean losing the love of my family and being looked at as an enigma to anyone who was straight. These thoughts and this feeling of despair had led me to contemplate suicide.

This story will be written with Jesus and any other Master energies that I know pulse through my being. May the shares that come forward remind us all of how we are loved and supported and how differences actually make us all more powerful. Consciousness expands in our differences and when we can expand with understanding and love for each other, especially the ones we can’t get our heads around or who elicit anger or revulsion, then we are connected to all that we are.


Jesus would like to add, “regardless of what religion or dogma you experienced in your youth and practice today, know that who you are is okay. Some people like to say that you are enough and Rita likes to say, you are more than enough but I will say, You were born in completeness and formed in love. Now it does not get any better than this, Go Have FUN ! and SHINE”

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