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Part of my journey to the Akashic Records

Today I woke with a pain in my head and heart. Where am I ? The light is beaming in the window….darn I forgot to put up the light blocking shades. Who is coming today ? My mind begins to seek out my schedule of who is coming for what and what is on my to do list .. I decide to take a step back and calm my mind before jumping into action. I grab a book that has been my bedside companion for many years. It is a book of parables, collected by Anthony de Mello, to be read in order but for the last few months I have been randomly picking it up in the morning and letting spirit lead me to a share. Every time Every time the shares have seemed to be about detachment. Detachment from things and family or friends implied or expected obligations. I will learn this is a flowing lesson to embrace in my life without self judgment. Ahhhhh self judgment that is another topic for another day. The pages fall gently as they are well used and the binding of the book has become soft and pliable. What do you say today spirit..


When the sannyasi reached the outskirts of the village and settled under a tree for the

night, a villager came running up to him and said, “The stone! The stone! Give me the

precious stone!”

“What stone? ” asked the sannyasi.

“Last night Lord Shiva told me in a dream that if I went to the outskirts of the village

at dusk a sannyasi would give me a stone that would make me rich forever. ”

The sannyasi rummaged in his sack and, pulling out a stone, he said, “He probably

meant this one. I found it in the forest yesterday. Here, it’s yours if you want it. ”

The man gazed at the stone in wonder. It was the largest diamond in the world — the

size of a man ’s head.

At night he tossed about in bed. At break of day he woke the sannyasi and said, “Give

me the wealth that makes it possible for you to give this stone away. ”

Wow,, yes! I wanted to experience the wealth that would allow you to give this diamond, this stone away.

I began leaning into joyful moments every day for the last two years. I had a heart awakening after lying on my bathroom floor weeping at the news the latest cyst in my breast was benign, cancer free.. I had seen the face of the, of my radiologist when she discovered this latest and she had not been her peppy self that this was nothing. I had waited a long labor day weekend to finally receive the call that I was not sure I wanted to receive. As I laid there feeling the cool tile I thought of what Caroline Myss had said about hitting low points and you rise. Why? I thought when I heard this would most people have that type of experience before approaching something different with their life. What is the alchemy of why we suddenly make decisions to take better care of ourselves or make positive changes ..?

..years have flown since the cool damp floor felt like my bottom and the challenging relationship that I stayed in and the parables filled with nuggets of

Have you ever let life just guide you and trust where it is taking you ? Have you hungered for a different experience ? Do you have any idea what you are capable of ? If you had told me as I picked myself off the floor what my life would be like in several years or now almost thirteen years later I would have questioned you to a place of being numb with your shares.

I am not going to bore you with details and details because I want this to be a short light share on things you may glean to take into practice or mistakes I have made that may be guiding or resources that I have found helpful on the path to learning to access my akashic records. A space where you are known and loved. A space where you would easily give this stone away because you understand you always get back more than you give and a space so loving and high vibrating you always have the best guidance for you at the exact time you ask.

Where to begin .,., I had an epiphany as I was reading the fiction book, Julia and Julie about Julia Childs and the Joy of Cooking. At the end of the book I began to exam my life for all the joy content and it was not clearly present. I was dating someone who was not as kind and open as it had been in the beginning. I had made a lot of excuses for the poor behavior with family and friends and not truly seen how I was being treated. I was somewhat happy with my job. I loved most of my clients and colleagues like old friends but disliked the bureaucracy and favoritism I would see. This awakening was slow but I knew I needed to do something different. I was having breast health issues and ovarian cyst issues and a thyroid cyst issue. I was very busy with real estate investments and my work while making time to see family and friends. I was in my mid forties and had a stunning gorgeous Audi convertible that I loved and a home in a wonderful community where I could walk to the theatre and wonderful restaurants plus an indie movie theatre. My home looked like a model with beautiful hardwood everywhere and a roof top deck with a stunning view. It was an urban environment close to Washington DC which I loved exploring. From a birds eye view things were not bad.

The slow absorption or leaning into Joy had begun. I was shopping and found two small fun red pillows that said Joy ! I bought them for and put them on my bed. I made choices to spend time with friends without the person I was dating and I realized how much fun I was having with them and that I would never have it if this person were part of this gathering. Whether it was her behavior or my anxiousness around not knowing what she might say or do …I knew this joy with friends would never happen with this person. I made a bold statement to disconnect and after a lot of fire energy and wondering if I did the right thing I was free from that anxiety and opening up the energy for something better.

I dated again and this time attracted someone at my vibration who was a lot of fun and really loving but still entangled in a past codependent relationship (oh my goodness). We attract vibrationally and I was beginning to undertand if I wanted something diffrent I had to work on my vibration.

If you have not had any of these experiences consider yourself blessed and in a high vibrating place that would not allow it to happen. If you have had these experiences or are experiencing them then your vibration is somehow drawing it to you. The best thing you can do is to begin to change your vibration. I will keep describing and maybe you can glean some ideas or maybe not and it’s all good. … more to come as you ponder and I decide if I will write more about my journey.

the Diamond … may you learn to trust and share with grace and love as you remember that you go on. All you take is energy so shine your inner light, trust yourself and your higher guidance as you lean into joy and feel that level of freedom from suffering. Remember there is always more and more to experience… more love more joy more energy more expansion + you are light , let yourself shine and look and see the light in others.

Leaning into this Joy would have me detach from this life that others might envy, to seek deeper truths for me and it would motivate me to leave my career and home and find a beautiful community in Cape Town South Africa and now in Sedona Arizona. More to share possibly ..

Lean Into Joy Today and See Where It Takes You!

.. if it expands your world tell me about it and if you want an akashic records clarity session connect with me. I would love to support your journey of experiencing more joy and more love and more freedom.. Remember there is always more, that’s how the law of attraction rolls… 😉

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