What will 2020 hold ? ..”Ignite your passions”..

What will 2020 hold ? There are no guarantees except knowing that your vibration and focus will guide you and everyone around you. We would suggest making the year focused on fun. Ignite your passions and lean into the joy they can bring. Anything is possible and with the energies on the planet now you have more support and less restrictions for creating. Why not create from a space filled with love and happiness, know anything that comes from that space will ignite ideas and dreams in others and you. Know that the only one responsible for your happiness is you. Know there is a huge support system always around you lifting you into places you ask to go. Just take the time every day to calm your mind and ask for their support.

Yes, folks near you in their warm suits could never show up for you the way we can. You are never without our unconditional love and cheering section.

Blessed one know that the year ahead is at your feet and you have been given the ability to create a life that you love and that anyone who takes the magic carpet ride with you will feel that blessing. The important thing to remember is that you are not responsible for their happiness, just yours. How you decide to release and move into creation and be in the present are all gifts you should focus on you.

Have fun this year and love with an open heart as you lean into good feeling experiences and people. All are benefited when you do this. Engage and be curious and explore and create and share and receive and laugh and have fun. Always look for the bright side in others and there you will find yourself :)) buy the fast fun car even if you don’t drive it for long, go into the cave with the sand walls that ignites curiosity, plan a hike into the grand canyon and camp with the american indians there. Join a powwow if you are invited again .. explore, touch, experience, receive and know there is no agenda except to try and feel good in every moment.

Blessed one you came here to test the limits of human capacity and that happens with experiences so put your thinking cap on and smile and know that everything has its timing. You will know based on how you feel if the time is right for you to engage in everything. Don’t worry as much about sleep. Sleep is a construct, your bodies are amazing tools and now as some of the programming is being removed they will be able to do more and more. You will be able to engage them to do more and more. That is all for now. Have a beautiful day filled with smiles and laughter and new experiences.

ps as you visualize your body in meditation picture the light particles not only spinning but gorgeously connecting with the light particles outside your body. Visualize them expanding and lifting and exchanging energies. It may feel like you are being lifted up or elevated. This will assist in recalibrating cells that are not emitting light. It should feel like a deep state of peace. Keep breathing and staying in your body. Play with it bc nothing serious is going on and you can’t get it wrong.

Yes, the energies around you have a balance of wanting you to test the limits of this time and space but it is better achieved from a place of light hearted fun. You always say you can’t experience certain foods and your body sensations outside of this time and space, this is true. The greater truth is how you experience your mind and emotions on this planet. You did not decide to come here lightly. Your friends tease you bc you love coming here and testing and experiencing. You have the greatest capacity for experiencing here. You did not choose the easy light path but you have managed to get to a place that is and yet still you want to experience more. You could go and live on an island or by the water ways you love in Virginia but you have chosen to keep testing and seeing. We know your desires and more is coming that will expand you and others in more beautiful ways than you have imagined. Anything is possible Rita. We love that you want to be more engaged and bring others into that space with you. It is all so brilliant and we can see how much joy it brings you. Don’t be disappointed when others can’t get there. You have learned deep lessons this year as you remember all of these journeys ultimately are individual and your focus is on respecting those journeys as you hold them in the highest vibrating space you can see them. Remember the cycle and the calling you all had around coming here.

Well, yes the other piece to this is without really having karma your experiences are a little different. Karma is just energetic threads or some call them contracts or pacts. You made a pact with yourself and picked a life you would have to experience from a very introspective space at a young age and the sense and the need for belonging would be examined throughout the lifetime. The need to belong can override so many decisions and then as we discuss it is all laced with responsibility. The only responsibility you have in this lifetime is your own happiness and every positive thing you can imagine for the people you love and adore will come from that space. May the energy of today feel happy and light as the world invites the energies on the planet more fully into their psyche.

We love you beyond measure and for now we are complete