Mastery, channeled share from Jesus

Mastery is not difficult, Go inside and observe things through a child’s eyes. Seeing everything as a new mystery to be revealed. Step back from trying to control or force outcomes. Step into the flow of knowing everything is as it should be.

What if we see suffering ? You attend to it like a child would, you comfort and care. You invite spirit or the unknown to wrap themselves around this child of the father and give this child of the father whatever it needs to feel better. No need to ask the Why’s, be as a child would. But we are adults – No, you are children of my father, of source.

Your lives get very complicated when you step out of being like children. Can you see this ? I know you can because you have done it. You see a situation and how it can be made better then take on that charge. It is not as impactful as working as a Team or receiving the energy of a situation through a child’s eyes. When you are seeing things through a child’s eyes you are less likely to empower someone to become a victim. They feel your love but not in a way where they want you to take them over. Take people over ? Yes, we have the capability of transferring an energy that says, you need me to feel better or you need me for things to be alright. This is not helpful to them. They need to see their own inner strengths or light. It is easier for them to do this when they feel your love.

What is mastery ? Mastery is a way of carrying yourself in the world. It is a way of walking and moving where you feel confident. You know your world is perfect as it is even if perfect means you are struggling with different things. You are taking on things to help you grow. Know you are love incarnate. Be that way in the world.

Oh, Rita I have so much to share with you. Let’s take a walk today. I love seeing things through your eyes. Know I walk with you.

Jesus and I spent close to a hour walking through the garden and seeing the leaves veins, insect eggs, fish, bees, snails, lizards, flowers and their stems ..smelling them and really really seeing them. He had me pick a favorite thing to drawn and it was a green leafy plant with a long white pistil. I was grateful for the morning connection and the afternoon.

God is found in the knowing that all things are equal.

Your blessings every day are the reflection of the attitude you carry.

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