Manifesting from Feeling States

One of my goals this year has been to practice manifesting from feeling states. On a recent trip to Vietnam I had an opportunity to practice what I have been trying to lean into.

These are two tubes of art I purchased in Hoi An from a Picasso & Gaugin style artist. I promptly lost them at the airport on my way to Nha Trang. It was my first trip after purchasing them and the whole exchange on the purchase had been fun and beautiful. They had taken a lot of time to roll each one and place them in their own narrow tubes and then tape them in a way that would be easy for me to carry. I had debated separating them and putting the small tube in my suitcase.

I realized as I was on the plane 😟  I did not have them with me ! My mind started racing, when was the last time I saw them,,, was it at the check in counter or when I was going through the security clearance or while I was debating on buying Vietnamese organic chocolate.. I had flashes of the feelings I could experience about this .. I decided to check with the airline when I arrived and put it out of my thoughts.

At the airport when I arrived I bounced around for a bit between counters. I was finally directed to Lost and Found representatives, awesome ! I gave them the details and they were on the case. 🙂 I tried not to think about someone keeping them. Instead I was excited for the folks that were now working on my case ! It seemed like a great opportunity for them to use their fact finding skills. I stepped into a fun place of being contacted and having my art returned and even brought to my hotel. Then I did something huge ! I let it go. I released all expectations around it.

The next day there was no call or note and my heart sank a little. Again, I thought, let it go and step into the joy and fun of being wowed by having it back.

Two days later the phone rang and it was reception, we have a package coming for you !!

Things are always working out for me and all of us when we hold the best thoughts ever without attachment to anything (the juice in my opinion).

How can I pay this forward?

Wishing you lots of joy manifesting from great feeling states !

Rita Lorraine Carey


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