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Hi ! My name is Rita Lorraine Carey and I am Akashic Records Teacher, Akashic Channeler, Writer, Filmmaker, Vlogger, Creator, Energy Entrepreneur, Traveler, Crystal Lover, Organic High Vibrating Food and Herbalist Lover, Speaker, Fun Advocate :)!

Let’s explore in the Akash and meet new people and lean into joy as we appreciate that we are eternal beings that came here to expand consciousness by exploring the planet with our emotional feeling states. Every emotion is perfect and contributes to the expansion of consciousness (us).

I started a film on energy in Sedona, Arizona that shows * You are so much more than what you see, you are energy *You never cease to exist *You are loved and supported by non-physical energies

My Mom, Ida Lee Carey, who passed in 2016 is still a strong part of my journey in this lifetime. She was a brave and wise woman, she was and still is a great spirit. May you take time every day to connect in with those you love who have transitioned the body. May you feel them as you invite them to support you and trust your higher guidance and intuition.

May you never doubt how much you are loved and supported. The Akashic Records are a Vibrational History of Everything You Have Ever Done in Any Lifetime – in the Bible it is referred to as The Book of Life – Once only accessible by Mystics it is more available than ever before. Just know it is always supportive and loving – if you ever hear anything other than this then you are not in your Akashic Records. I use the Pathway Prayer Process ® channeled to Dr Linda Howe – the first person to receive her doctorate in Akashic Studies from Emersons Theological Institution.

I channeled a short story by Jesus and Mary that is published. It incorporates memories and learnings I have had about energy, healings, love, money, grief, crystals, herbs, meditation, power struggles … follow Elijahs Alchemy on Amazon

If you would like an akashic records clarity session – reading with me please see the sessions tab. You can gain clarity on many subjects; Health, Relationships, Finances, Businesses, Real Estate, Pets

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Elijah's Alchemy - Rita Lorraine Carey

Elijah’s Alchemy is Available on Amazon!

Mike Dooley, NYTimes best selling author and Notes from the Universe creator says it is, “A cleverly suspenseful, Love filled tale of choices, lessons, and healing.”

May you enJOY this metaphysical journey and share it with your children ! Elijah’s Alchemy came out of a meditation where two Masters wanted to show me how easy it was to write. It is a beautiful story of remembering our spiritual gifts of intuition and inner knowings. Elijah shares his knowledge of energy healing, past lives, crystals, grief, the akashic records, money and energy plus the trust he has for the divine loving guidance that surrounds us all. You will follow his journey of falling in love, protecting his family from a powerful controlling church and using his intuitive gifts and knowledge to create a beautiful life filled with unconditional love and expanse. 
He speaks of God and Guides and Angels that are part of his human journey.
May these lessons inspire you to cultivate more love and spirituality into your life. AMAZON KINDLE PURCHASE CLICK HERE “Enjoy with me this mystical, fantastical allegory about love and life and how we can live in joy and magic.”
Greg Baer, MD
Author, Real Love, motivational speaker and coach


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ABOUT RITA AND HER NEW BOOK “After taking your class, naturally my feeling and thought became more positive and loving way. I would like to keep them with me.” “Where did you begin and end? What will you take with you ? I want to know about me and improve inner self. I could access the vibe. I will take the loving higher energy / vibe with me.” YYHouston, TX “Absolutely loved this book and its message. Look forward to sharing it with my young nephew and nieces – hoping they will learn to live the life of their dreams too!” Shelley New Zealand, Australia “I also really liked the guided meditations. I will be adding ideas from the guided meditation into my own meditation practice. I will definitely be using this practice for personal development.” BDASedona, AZ “I am really excited to gain even more confidence and a strong energetic connection with the Akashic Records so that I can explore detailed spiritual wisdom.” BellHouston, TX “The class really strengthened my energetic connection to the Akashic Records. It was great to open up the Akashic Records that many times together in class.” ABSedona, AZ “I started the visioning process, when I felt like I was in need of some decluttering in my mental, professional, and romantic life. Rita helped me to visualize what I wanted in the year and five years to come, and to think about positioning myself with intention to get there. I’m happy to say I’ve used this visioning over the last several years and it has done me well. It has helped me to see that in order to get to where I want to be, sometimes I need to just be still and wait. It is during these times the mental space allows for some creativity. Rita’s help with visioning has been invaluable in my personal and professional growth process.” AliciaWashington, DC “Love, a magical read. Loved this fairytale, yet alchemist tale! How the book opens a window to the mystery and being at one with our inner gifts and the real life situations one can be presented with.” Sarah
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