Tania Gabrielle, Wealth Astro-Numerologist

Tania Gabrielle, Wealth Astro-Numerologist: nurtures entrepreneurs, business owners and clients who feel a deep urgency to have their mission expressed at its greatest visibility by helping them leverage the divine plan for their work in the world.

Tania Gabrielle

As a Wealth Astro-Numerologist Tania introduced the merging of two ancient divination arts – Astrology and Numerology – to the Western world, unlocking the codes in the stars, names and numbers to facilitate wealth and well-being.

Tania is renowned as a gifted channel – connecting deeply to each person’s soul code, deciphering the frequency of personal and product names, and forecasting all potential outcomes for optimal wealth generation. She has mentored thousands of political, spiritual and business leaders worldwide. By tuning into each person’s birth-code, name and map of their future cycles, Tania is able to guide her clients to experience their unique expression of infinite abundance.

Visit Tania’s website, as a student and affiliate, I highly recommend her to help you know yourself more deeply.

I recommend Wealthy Name and Your Personal Blueprint

and if you can invest in a combo with a personal reading you will not regret the positive learning about your astro-numerolgy details !

SoulStar / Royal Code Royal Code:Tania’s most in-depth reading of your soul mission and how it unfolds now and into the future. Your “Royal Code” shows you how to step up into your rightful place as a Royal Divine Being. What does your soul have in store for you right now? Tania will read your galactic records and with a view of your immediate future. This reading is both inspirational and highly practical – encompassing personal, business, travel, best places to live, love, partnerships, branding, naming of products, planning of important events – anything you are yearning to uncover.

What miracles are in store for you?
The most profound reading for your personal and professional awakening that you will experience.