Grace by Jesus, a Channeling by Rita

Channeling with Jesus:

My Beloved Children, I have asked Rita to share with you the energy of Grace.

Humans often think of Grace as something you give or receive because of an act. I want you to know that grace is a state of being that allows you to receive and feel the essence of who you are. You always are in a state of grace but it is the allowance that is an important aspect of it. 

Today many of you feel that grace is a feeling or sense that is elusive. I want to assure you that you can live and resonate in this space every second of every day. You are so beloved by so many energies that you cannot see and you exist in spaces beyond what you experience in your physical body. Your existence on earth is a small sliver you see or experience but it is far from your totality. You do not need to do anything special to receive this state except to open up to all that you are. You are pure love in motion. When you watch the curious loving beings you call babies you will see grace and love in motion. Can you remember that period before you knew your environment to be one that required things from you? 

I am going to give you something to sit with as you allow your thoughts to wander back to that time period. Breathe deeply in and exhale several times and as you shut your eyes I want you to feel the sun on your face and then feel it on your whole body. I want you to think of breathing in the warm sunlight. As you release the breath I would like you to relax. I want you to think of being with me in a way where all your needs are met without requirement. Can you just imagine a loving presence that only sees the good in you? A presence that asks nothing of you. A presence that gives you the best food and the best environment for experiencing your own goodness. A loving space where you can explore and create and experiment and try things and you have no obligation to care about what I think or anyone thinks because you have been placed into an environment where you know you deserve the best of everything. You deserve to be loved unconditionally and you deserve the best food and care. Pure love is radiated on you and you resonate with it fully. You are happy and you sleep when you want and you eat when you want and you explore. This is your natural state of being, it is a state of grace which is yours naturally when you exist in your true state of being.

I want you to know that my heart’s desire is for you to be like children again and let others be like children again. Give each other that kind of care and allowance to relish their own goodness without expectations or demands. When you allow others to experience their own grace it will allow you to. When you appreciate every little thing in your environment like it is a miracle it will swell in your being. Play with the warmth of the sunlight and your breath and thinking of yourself like a small child who is loved completely. Know I am always with you this way. I have no conditions for my love and outside of this environment the greater aspects of you have no conditions on your existence here in this time and space. May you let this knowing fill you with peace and a greater sense of all that you are. I am going to ask Rita to read this again in a beautiful place where there is lots of sun so you can feel the sun like my love for you. I will ask Shaison to film it. Thank you both for doing this and thank you for listening and participating and shining your inner light as I shine mine on you every second of every day.

Yours in Love,

Jesus – YouTube share in Sedona