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Wisdom from the Akash, 2016

Alchemy happens in the awareness
the Greater the acceptance the more transformative the light
As we create anything it touches the other. When we make decisions from our heart they come with a deeper understanding.
The earth is asking us to simplify our lives. Less things, closer connection with nature where we started. We say, how can we do these things ? They sound nice but we have responsibilities and commitments, financial and personal ? We say to you that you can create anything you choose. You are not creating it because it feels comfortable for you to be doing what you are doing. When it becomes uncomfortable you will change.
What does it take to be uncomfortable ? It happens when your choices become more limited through disease in the body or mind. We reach a place that feels bad inside or we go to a place where we see the future for the little ones in our lives and it looks bleak.
We always want to be doing things in a grand way but we do not understand it begins with a single step.

Ask Allah for the answers . Does Allah feel foreign ? Allah means God. Do you think of yourself as different from others ? Make a practice of looking for the similarities. You are all so similar it is scary. Just kidding 🙂

The man you spoke with was right that ignorance goes down with travel, but you know this. He shared because he wanted to connect with you.

Angels are soul stars, they bring to the earth the things you have not been able to connect with on your own. Yes, they are energy but more than that they have intent with purpose. Their frequency answers certain needs. Yes, like the healing angel Archangel Raphael. They love to connect with you but have to be invited. Yes, colors are frequencies as well. Everything carries a vibration, you, me us, the things you sit on and around. Your thoughts.

You visualize pictures of things so that your minds do not have to stretch too much.
Animals cannot do this recall or cannot ask angels for help.
WDINTK What Do I Need To Know ?
The higher you vibrate the closer you are to the souls who have passed. You vibrate at higher levels by holding love, compassion and gratitude in your heart. Holding thoughts which are pure and full of love and kindness. You are on the right path with your thoughts.
WDINTK about the devil and negative energies ?
They exist in your mind. Your minds are powerful and they can make anything manifest. When you went to the house you were all looking for something dark. Form to Thought and Thought to Form. There can be negative energies too but what you most need to know I shared. If you feel these things you know how to move them.
Finding Joy
Stay present with yourself. Listen to the things that feel good. Lean into them.



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